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We will find your home in Ibiza. 

We want you to like the process, to enjoy discovering Ibiza, its so special architecture, light, culture, countryside, people...

After a Master from TBS; I, Gabriel Geffroy, worked in negotiation, communication and sales in France, Ireland and Spain.

I work exclusively in real estate in Ibiza from 2007; with the major real estate agencies during 10 years.

in 2017, I created "Gabriel Investment Properties" focusing on properties with rental licenses.


photo gabriel 550.jpg
Gabriel Geffroy

- I love Ibiza

- I love to find perfect properties for my clients

- I love my job!

Cristina Zukrigl
Sales Advisor

- Ibiza and properties passionate

- The German touch

- Never problems, only solutions!

legal advisor
Delphine Mao
Communication & Marketing

 - The one passionated with Laws

 - Like a duck in water with Administration projects and local, national and international laws

 - The creative soul of the company

 - I am here for you, you can contact me anythime.

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