How we find your property ?

When you buy a property in Ibiza; Do a clever investment!

An investment property is a property with a tourist license.

We make “investment properties” accessible and simple.

2.135 properties has a tourist license on Ibiza. Between 145 and 165 are on sales. About a tenth of them are good investments.

All the agencies have some properties with licenses on sales; but no one know all of them.


This is why we focus on this market. We daily scan this market and collaborate with leading letting agencies, lawyers, house managers and real estate agencies so we know the entire market.

 1 - Economic


A - The valuation of the properties is different

We need to know the cap rate, the ROI, the gross yield, profit forecast...

With my partners, we create a profitability table to forecast the profitability of properties

B - Selection

We are focused in renters critters (choices priorities) : Critters are not the same when you want to rent a house than if you when to buy a house. 

- Location

- Quality and style

- Outside areas

- Views

- All year house or summer house

- Relation bedrooms/bathrooms

- services close the house

- Special features of a property (disco bar, gim, tennis court) 

And the most important: The potential of the property!

2 - Legal

Ibiza wedding photographer-114.jpg

A - Survey


In Ibiza, laws are edited by Spanish central government in Madrid but the Balearics island has its own government and Ibiza island its own executive consells, also town halls have a large level of freedom concerning tourism and urbanism.

These 4 different levels of politic organs create an unclear and fast moving legal situation.


Thanks to my law advisers I am perfectly updated. You need to be well informed to enjoy the opportunities knowing the exact risks.

B - Paper work is different

One of the newest laws concern urbanism and tourism licences. New Balearic laws changed the entire market in 2017.

We need to professionally check administrative papers like:

  • Cadastral certificate

  • Nota Simple from Registro

  • Final de Obra

  • Cedula de habitabilidad

  • Licenses...