How we sell ?

Let's meet!

Trust is the first argument for any investor but confusion is the first impression of buyers in Ibiza.

We work differently focusing on few properties in relation with trust partners. 

To sell a property is a personal matter, let's meet!

1 - Preparing your property

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A - Valuation of your property 

We use 3 different approaches to determine a property's value:

Method 1 - Sales Comparison Approach​

Method 2 - Cost approach consisting in a separate valuation of the plot and the building

Method 3 - Income Capitalization Approach or rentability approach 

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B - Marketing

  • Home staging

    • Declutter

    • Open, clean and bright

    • Finishing touches, smells & scents

  • Professional presentation

    • pictures

    • Film

    • Drone film

    • Multilingual description

    • Floor-plan.

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C - Legal check up

We will offer a clear situation of the legality of your property.


We prepare a folder with your (or our) lawyer or legal adviser with all the legal documents available. We advise you of any problems or omissions with the documentation.

Most of the properties in Ibiza do not have all the legal documentation. We need to ask to the different administrations and to present a clear legal situation to our buyers so nobody feel abused and the market keeps trust in your property

We are here to give you advice and assistance at each level, directly in relation with the legal and financial advisers.

2 - Offering your property


A - Target audience and trusted real estate partners​

With the seller, we select the most successful agencies depending of location, price and style.

We guarantee the exact informations to our partner agencies with all the necessaries updates, legal documents, plans…

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B - During the viewings 

We present your property at its best: We open all the windows, turn on all the lights and most important, we have clear answers to all the buyers questions.

Of course, we are responsable to close your property and to report back to you the clients names and their feedback.

3- Closing the deal

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A - negotiation

We know exactly your property and we will negotiate always at your convenience in 5 languages

All the work preparing and offering your property allow the closing to be the easiest step.

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B - Contracts

  •  Private contract

  •  Notary deeds

  •  We are here at all the stages of the negotiation